Welcome to the Constructal Community

I created this website as a way to gather information about the Constructal Law and the way it shapes our understanding of life and evolution. I’m not a scientist who understands thermodynamics, but rather a person looking for the underlying architecture of the “oneness” we all feel in nature. I was introduced to Design in Nature by my dog trainer, Kevin Behan. Since then, I have been fascinated by the way Professor Bejan is able to link every aspect of life (biology, economics, technology, etc.) through a single law of physics.

Another fascination of mine is animal movement as it relates to behavior, and the way that moving well (feeling flow) creates healing in both humans and dogs. And so this quote from Design in Nature is especially meaningful to me:

“Life is movement and the constant morphing of the design of this movement. To be alive is to keep on flowing and morphing. When a system stops flowing and morphing, it is dead.”

Life is movement! To keep on living we must keep on moving, and to live well, we must move well: in a way that facilitates flow.

I’m curious how others have come to the constructal law, and how it shapes your understanding of movement, life, and evolution. How does it influence and inspire your work, craft, and art?

Please submit your ideas, stories, events and articles here:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Leah Twitchell


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