Mixed Mental Arts Interview with Adrian Bejan


What does freedom have to do with the evolution of design?

“If you give individuals, like the river water, the freedom to choose, then the resulting design is the one that serves the mover, meaning the live system, the best. So that’s useful to know. And the fact that this truth is so universal, so applicable to the bio and non-bio… that is in fact the reason why I think our discussion should be of interest to many.”

–Adrian Bejan

For more on this subject matter, and one of the specific topics addressed in the podcast (student walkways on a campus) see this article by Joshua Kerievsky: An Evolutionary Path.

The necessary freedom to move in order to evolve applies not only to campus pathways, it equally applies to the structure and organization of the university itself. It applies to governments and regimes that install too much rigidity and then begin to crumble because constriction of flow does not bode well for survival. Whatever we look at in our physical world, we can see one thing: if it isn’t evolving (moving with freedom) then it is dead (or dying). [See: definition of the constructal law.]

Hunter Maats and Adrian further discuss how the freedom to question, and the freedom to access information and ideas are all keys not only to personal happiness, but to peace and prosperity. I will leave you with one more of my favorite Bejan quotes from this interview: “We are like the water in the Danube, we need to get to the sea, we need access.”

Now, go listen to the podcast! Follow this link: The Physics of Life: Prof Adrian Bejan Enters the Dojo.

interview on mixed mental arts


This interview is a pleasure to listen to, so I want to give a special thanks to Mixed Mental Arts for producing it. Check them out with this link to their website or find them on Facebook.

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