Franklin Institute Awards, Constructal Workshop and Symposium

In case you hadn’t heard, Adrian Bejan is the receiving the 2018 Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering from the Franklin Institute. Bejan is being honored for his contributions in thermodynamics and convection heat transfer that have improved the performance of engineering systems, as well as his pioneering interdisciplinary contribution of constructal theory, which predicts natural design and its evolution in engineering, scientific, and social systems.

“Through its Awards Program, The Franklin Institute seeks to provide public recognition and encouragement of excellence in science and technology. To date, 117 Franklin Institute laureates also have been honored with Nobel Prizes… Fields recognized today include chemistry, civil and mechanical engineering, computer and cognitive science, Earth and environmental science, electrical engineering, life science, and physics… Recognizing outstanding achievements in science, technology, and industry around the world is an important way the Institute preserves Benjamin Franklin’s legacy.”

Past laureates include: Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, Pierre and Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Gordon Moore, Jane Goodall, and Jacques Cousteau, among others. Awards week is scheduled April 16th-20th, and you can find information and tickets for the awards ceremony and dinner here: Franklin Institute Awards Ceremony.

In conjunction with the awards week, there is also a National Science Foundation workshop being held at Villanova University: Constructal Theory, What the Future Holds.


Following the workshop, on the afternoon of April 18th, there will be a symposium, Constructal Theory: What the Future Holds. This is free and open to the public, but requires registration.

I am very much looking forward to these events, and meeting people who are part of the constructal community. Hope to see you there!

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