Design in Nature

“For a finite-size flow system to persist in time (to live), its configuration must evolve in such a way that provides easier access to the currents that flow through it.” –Adrian Bejan, Design in Nature

“The constructal law teaches us that nothing operates in isolation; every flow system is part of a bigger flow system, shaped by and in service to the world around it. The flow system we call a tree is also part of the larger flow system (that also includes rivers and weather patterns) for moving water from the ground to the air in order to achieve an equilibrium of moisture locally and globally. At the end of the day, the tree, like every other flow system, exists in order to facilitate nature’s tendency to flow with configuration. Its shape and structure reflect the tendency to generate designs to do this efficiently. This interdependence, born of thermodynamics and the constructal law, is the true source of harmony, balance, and oneness in nature…

By identifying a principle that joins the animate and inanimate worlds, that links the flow of rivers to the flow of cities and the flow of money, the design of our lungs and blood vessels to trees and lightning bolts, the constructal law brings science in line with poetry. It reveals our deep connection. It illuminates the tendency that unites everything that moves.”

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